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Richardson Goblet C1900

Stability glassware turns up!

Only a couple of months ago during a meeting we were shown some glassware with our Lodge emblem and name engraved upon it. There was a little confusion over the history behind it, however we've had some help from a website depicting Black Country history who have also come across one and filled in some detail, why not take a look here:

The Brethren visit Rainbow Hill with their families

The Start of a big year

Congratulations to W.Bro George Barrow who has been invested as Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Worcestershire.

The call to office represents the high esteem George is held in and is an honour for the Lodge.

Well done George.

The Brethren visit Rainbow Hill with their families

Valuable items found

Following the sad death of a member the Lodge has been fortunate enough to have been given from his estate a number of items previously unrecorded in the inventory.

The notable items are of glass and silver and the Lodge are currently discussing what to do with them.

The Brethren visit Rainbow Hill with their families

First ever 564 summons found on ebay!

Well, well would you believe it! An original summons dating way back from 1849 has been found on ebay.

W.Bro Chris Weston was delighted when he purchased another piece of Lodge memorabilia and inside preserved superbly was the original summons (the only one in existence).

It now resides in the museum at Rainbow Hill if you're passing.

The Brethren visit Rainbow Hill with their families

Stability visit Rainbow Hill

The Brethren and family members visited Rainbow Hill in Worcester in a meeting with a difference. The members of the Lodge held a brief meeting and afterwards visited the Provincial Museum for a tour with their families.

The Worshipful Master W.B. Chris Weston was delighted with the day out and spent time explaining to the museum team how he had acquired a genuine 'first meeting' summons from 160 years ago.

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